Microdatum CRM Frequently Asked Questions

Microdatum FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does CRM Online cost?

Microdatum  offers four different license options of CRM Online. The most popular option is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional (₹1500). Microdatum also offers Enterprise (₹2000), Basic (₹1000) and Essential (₹500)licenses. Visit Microdatum insights CRM online and license guide for more information. *All prices are per user, per month. 

2. Are there any promotions currently?

Microdatum occasionally offers special promotions for Microdatum Insights CRM Online.

3. What is the user minimum for a CRM Online subscription?

The  user minimum for a Microdatum Insights CRM Online subscription is five (5) Professional licenses. Once that minimum threshold has been reached, you may mix and match additional Basic and Essential licenses. 

4. Whom do I pay for my CRM Online service?

You pay Microdatum directly for CRM Online and any other Microdatum services.

5. How do I convert my CRM Online trial to a paid subscription?

You can convert your Dynamics CRM Online trial by clicking on pay now button on Microdatum CRM free trial page. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter your payment information. Alternatively, you can use a free Microdatum insights CRM free trial to test out Microdatum insights the newest evolution of CRM solutions.

6. How do I convert my CRM Online trial to a paid subscription?

You can convert your Dynamics CRM Online trial by clicking on pay now button on Microdatum CRM free trial page. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter your payment information. Alternatively, you can use a free Microdatum insights CRM free trial to test out Microdatum insights the newest evolution of CRM solutions.

7. What is the initial term?

One month to one year depends on the user’s choice.

8. What is the cost for terminating my subscription early?

CRM Online has an annual commitment. Cancellation is allowed within the first 30 days of purchase at no fee. However, customers are responsible for paying for the first 30 days. If you continue your subscription past 30 days but would like to cancel before your annual term ends, then the cancellation fee is one month’s subscription charges. (This fee is currently waived but may be applied in the future).

The tremendous number of features in CRM Online can be intimidating for some new users. We offer two free services that can help you get started: our CRM online webinars and the Success portal—a self-help CRM Online training video library.Click here

10. Whom do I contact for technical support?

All technical support questions should be directed to Microdatum.Unlimited Microdatum technical and billing support is available to all CRM Online subscribers.Click here.

11. Whom do I contact if I need consulting services or if I need customizations done to CRM Online to meet my business needs?

We at Microdatum are happy to assist you with any customizations that you require. Standard consulting rates apply.

12. What is a Microdatum Partner?

A Microdatum Partner is an independent company that provides value-added services and products to Microdatum customers.

13. Do I need a Microdatum Partner for my CRM Online Account?

No, but having a partner can help ensure that your CRM Online deployment is a success.

14. Does partner offer any CRM Online training services?

Yes, in addition to our free CRM online webinars and Success portal, we offer Quick start CRM online training. We can also provide additional training services based on your requirements (standard consulting rates apply)Click here

15. Can I use Microdatum Insights CRM Online on my Mac?

Yes you can. There are several ways that you can go about doing this. First, Microdatum insights CRM Online supports Safari, the Internet browser that ships with Mac OS. This is the simplest way to work with CRM Online on your Mac. Note that CRM Online will not work on Firefox or Chrome for Mac, only Safari.

16. I am using Gmail for my email. Can I still leverage CRM and track my emails?

You can enable inbound email tracking from Gmail by using Gmail’s POP capability and configuring the email router to download email from Gmail via POP3.

17. Who hosts my CRM Online data?

Microdatum hosts your data.

18. Is CRM Online secure?

Yes. Microdatum has gone to great lengths to make CRM Online the most secure cloud service available.

19. What are the terms of the Service License Agreement?

Read the terms of SLA on Microdatum CRM website or Click here.

20. Can I use CRM Online on a tablet or smart phone?

Yes. CRM Online now works on the iPad. There are also applications available for iOS, Android, devices, such as the excellent Microdatum mobile CRM that provide greater functionality.

21. How much storage space do I get?

Each subscription comes with 5 GB of storage space included in the monthly fee. Additional GBs can be purchased for ₹700 per month.

22. Can I integrate CRM Online with my phone system?

Yes, although we need to know more about your phone system in order to provide you with a more detailed answer.

23. I am trying to decide between CRM Online and Why should I go with CRM Online?

There are several reasons that you may want to choose CRM Online over, close integration between Office and CRM, ease of use, ease of configuration and customization, business process flows, and lower cost.

24. Is it possible to see a demonstration?

Absolutely, Click here for more information regarding our CRM online demonstrations.

25. Does CRM Online come with reporting?

Yes, CRM Online comes with reports that cover many common sales, service, and marketing activities.

26. What is the authentication mechanism for CRM Online users?

The authentication mechanism for CRM Online is the Microdatum CRM Account.

27. Is CRM Online part of Office 365?

CRM Online and Office 365 are both hosted in the cloud. They are separate services but are part of the Microdatum Online Services platform.

28. What is the best solution for social media analytics and tracking within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online?

Currently, the best social media tracking and analytics solution is Microdatum analytics.

29. Can I import Dun & Bradstreet data into my Microdatum Insights CRM database?

Yes. It is not difficult to import data from D&B flat sheets into Microdatum Insights CRM, although you will likely want to align excel fields as per database format within CRM to house the D&B data.

30. What happens to my data when I cancel my subscription?

Microdatum will delete it after several email warnings. It is important that you back up your Microdatum Insights CRM database before you cancel.

31. How do I back up my data?

Microdatum performs regular backups to ensure that data is reliable and secure at the server side. In cases of critical user error, customers may request Microdatum to restore their CRM Online organization to the most recent nightly backup.Note: Microdatum cannot perform a restore if any of the following administrative changes have been made since the most recent nightly backup: The number of user licenses is changed, the amount of storage is changed, a new user accepts an invitation, or the yearly subscription is renewed. Users can perform local backups of selected data at any time by manually exporting individual records or groups of records to Excel and storing the files locally

32. In which countries is CRM Online available?

At the time of this writing, CRM Online is available in the forty countries listed below. Americas: Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, United States of America Europe: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom Asia Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore.

33. Does Microdatum offer a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes, Microsoft does offer non-profit pricing. The pricing varies by region, but for non-profit organizations in the India, the monthly cost of Microdatum Insights CRM Online Professional licenses are ₹1000 Basic are ₹500, and Essential are ₹350*. *All prices are per user, per month. To apply for non-profit pricing, contact Microdatum and request the non-profit pricing. Microdatum will review your eligibility during your 30-day free Microdatum CRM trial.

34. What is Insights for Microdatum Insights CRM?

Insights is a solution for Microdatum Insights CRM Online subscribers that provides access to commercial data. Insights enables companies to identify new leads, understand their prospects needs, and generate warm introductions to clients more efficiently. Insights is included at no additional cost with Microdatum Insights CRM Online licenses.