Marketing Overview

Unify sales and marketing to connect customer experiences

Microdatum helps you digitally transform the customer journey. With an integrated platform and data that provide a complete view of your customers, you can personalise customer experiences across every touchpoint at global scale.

  • Create seamless customer experiences

    Maximise marketing ROI with sales infused data. Get a complete view of customers for cross-channel campaigns with integration between Microdatum CRM app and Microdatum Insights.

  • Deliver the right content at every touchpoint

    Captivate audiences across every device and channel with rich, relevant, and personalised content delivered at the right moment, and based on unified sales and marketing data.

  • Count on industry-leading solutions

    Bring together advanced marketing capabilities with embedded sales intelligence on a secure platform to build trusted relationships at global scale.

Read the e-book The "Sales process is going through a transformation” to learn how to transform your customer engagement by closing the gap between sales and marketing.